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Hurricane Ana is creeping up on Hawaii, just as Gonzalo is leaving Bermuda behind thousands of miles away in the Atlantic.

Gonzalo, a Category 3 storm when it smashed into the British island territory with winds of 110mph, knocked out power to half of the island's 70,000 residents. The storm has now been downgraded to Category 2 as it continues a northeasterly track through the Atlantic Ocean.

The BBC reported just a short time ago:

"Emergency services are waiting for daybreak to assess the full damage wreaked by the second powerful storm to strike the island in less than a week.

"Strong winds and heavy surf continued after the eye of the hurricane moved north into the Atlantic, and tidal surges are still possible."

Bermuda's The Royal Gazette says: "After a lull during the eye between about 9.30-10.30pm last night, strong winds again battered Bermuda as the Island faced the second half of Hurricane Gonzalo."

Meanwhile, in the Western Pacific, Hurricane Ana "was carving a path south of Hawaii early Saturday, producing high waves, strong winds and heavy rains that prompted a flood advisory," The Associated Press says.

The National Weather Service says that the center of Ana is about 170 miles southwest of the Big Island and about 225 miles from Honolulu.

It says there's little chance of hurricane conditions on the islands.

A third system, Tropical Storm Trudy, is making landfall on Mexico's southern Pacific coast, about 75 miles southeast of Acapulco.





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