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Tens of thousands of anti-austerity demonstrators marched through the streets of London and other U.K. cities that they claim is the start of a broader program of protests and civil disobedience to force the Conservative government to reverse its program of deep spending cuts.

Protests march through Liverpool in opposition to austerity. #EndAusterityNow #EndAusteriy pic.twitter.com/2JNH1glwZX

— Scal Capone (@ScalCapone) June 20, 2015

Larry Miller, reporting from London for NPR, says that organizers have promised their campaign will continue "until austerity is history."

The Independent writes: "The march is intended to highlight how homelessness, inequality and child poverty have increased in the past five years. The New Policy Institute (NPI) estimates as much as 29 percent of children have fallen into poverty after housing costs."

This is the view from the stage right now - wow! #EndAusterityNow pic.twitter.com/6Uer6bh0qb

— Unite the union (@unitetheunion) June 20, 2015

The London march began in the financial district and ended at Parliament Square.

"We want a more equal society," said organizer Jack Hazeldine. "We know that austerity has really taken us in the wrong direction."

Larry reports that Prime Minister David Cameron's government is unlikely to be swayed by the protest after just winning reelection. Instead, the government plans to cut welfare and related benefits by $19 billion.

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